Lincoln Assembly



Worthy Advisor Kayla L.
Worthy Associate Advisor
Charity Jennifer
Faith Kayla P. 
Chaplain Nikki 
Drill Leader Kristen 
Love Britne 
Religion Cassidy
Nature Cara
Immortality Rebecca
Fidelity Chelsie
Patriotism Carrie
Confidential Observer
Outer Observer
Choir Director

Grand Officers from Lincoln Assembly 2003-2004

Grand Patriotism for the 2003-2004 Grand Assembly year is our very own Jennifer Ewins. Previously Jennifer has served as a Grand Representative, Grand Hostess and Grand Choir member. She has also been Worthy Advisor for our assembly two times. Jennifer, we really appreciate all of your support and love for Rainbow.

Also serving as a Grandie for the 2003-2004 year is Kristen Meyer. This year Kristen is serving as Grand Representative to Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. In recent years Kristen has served as Grand Choir Director, Grand Patriotism, Grand Representative to New York and New Jersey and Grand Page. Kristen has obviously been a vital part to Illinois Rainbow and has definetly been a major assest to Lincoln Assembly. We love you Kristen! Thank you for all of your hard work, enthusiam and Rainbow love!